The Greensboro Voice

The Greensboro Voice is a semi-monthly newspaper about homelessness and poverty that seeks to raise awareness about these important social issues. We hope the awareness gained from reading our newspaper will encourage the community to have a discussion about the issues and people on the margins of society who are often ignored.  We also hope that our words will encourage our readers to become more involved with non-profits that serve the homeless and near homeless in Greensboro.  Let’s also come together and discuss the root-causes of homelessness including mental illness, poor family values, violence in and outside the home, drug use, lack of education, and the high rate of incarceration.   The reasons for homelessness are many but so are the solutions.  Let’s cross that bridge together……..

The Greensboro Voice’s newspaper team meets every Wednesday from 12:00 to 2:00 at the Interactive Resource Center. We welcome you to join our team and hope you read our monthly newspaper!

Our current edition can be read online or picked up at various locations throughout the city of Greensboro. We hope you enjoy reading our newspaper!

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