Get your birth certificate at Guilford County Courthouse

By Clarette Sutton

Recently I met Jack Daniels. He was at the bar and, like many people, he had some problems. I could only offer prayer because Jack seemed ready to commit a crime and go to jail, or wind up dead because his problems outweighed him. I offered Jack the comfort of prayer, and afterwards Jack spoke about his reason for being at the bar. Pretty soon he will be able to get Section 8 housing, but he was currently homeless and waiting on a birth certificate. I informed Jack that he could get it from the courthouse in Greensboro.

Being homeless sometimes means being without identification. Many times people are a long way from home or they leave prison and must start over again. In order to receive benefits, such as housing, you must provide your social security card and your birth certificate.

In the past if you needed a birth certificate, you had to request it from the county in which you were born. Due to new technology, people born anywhere in North Carolina can get their birth certificate at Guilford County Courthouse in the Register of Deeds Office. The office can research and provide you with a birth certificate. Certified copies are $10 and the North Carolina search fee is $14.


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