7029 West – Does Management Make Living Here Difficult?

7029 West – Does Management Make Living Here Difficult?

Today we look at some issues we uncovered from residents at 7029 West.

“In June 2020 during the Global Covid-19 Pandemic we moved into 7029 West Apartment complex. They called me the day before our “Move-In” date asking if they could push back our move-in day to allow them to Replace the carpet. Since they were planning to “Replace” the carpet and we were in the mist of a Global Pandemic, I agreed to push back the move-in date. Also, this specific day I was only planning to get the keys and lay down shelf liners in the kitchen cabinets and bathrooms. The actual movers were coming the next day.

I was told we could come in the afternoon to get the keys and they would show us the apartment. This would be the first time we saw the unit we would be living in, since again we were in the middle of a Shut-Down due to Covid-19 and things were being done differently. Once I saw the unit and saw the carpet, I could easily see that the carpet was only vacuumed because the carpet still had indentions where furniture once was. When I confronted the apartment complex employee that was showing us the unit, she admitted that they had “professional cleaners” come in to vacuum clean the carpet. And I was told very firmly that “NO- this unit was not ever going to get new carpet as it is not an updated unit.” My reply and argument was that “we are in the middle of a Global Pandemic and I have allergies.” “Sorry, we’d be happy to have professional cleaners vacuum again next week.” I was shocked as I pointed out, “oh, next week when I have all my furniture and boxes everywhere. Does that sound like a good plan to you?!” After pointing out the obvious to her, she finally realized how ridiculous her last comment was and simply moved on with other conversation. We moved in and the carpet has gotten even dirtier during the 3 years we have been living there.”


“A few months after that wonderful move-in experience, we noticed that our built-in microwave was not turning during use when it has the capability to. We put in a maintenance request to have the microwave looked at and fixed. After several days, we called the office to find out if they have even looked at our microwave and what the deal was. People in the office informed us that it had been looked at and a part was ordered to make it capable of turning. As my husband was talking to them and listening to their excuses, and rambled on, stating that the part will not arrive to the office until 2 weeks from now, my husband had to point out to them, “Don’t you have at least one vacant unit right now? Replace the good microwave (in the vacant unit) for ours and put in the part once it arrives into the vacant unit’s microwave.”


Our refrigerator started to leak from the bottom one day. I cleaned up the water all over the kitchen floor, informed my husband that we seem to have a leak underneath the refrigerator, and we put in a maintenance request. The maintenance comes while both of us are at work, and simply cleans the water from the floor, like I had already done. Oh, they also spilled a full pitcher of Fruit Punch, but were kind enough to clean that up as well. Several days later, the fridge leaks again; and again, we put in another maintenance request. After the third time of this cycle, I explained, “Replace this fridge with one that works today, and then your maintenance people can work on fixing the broken fridge in their workshop on their own time.”


According to one resident, “Do I really need to point out the obvious to the Office Manager every time we seem to have a maintenance issue? We tenants must Micro-manage the Office Manager to get things done. ”

Do you want to live where “routine” things require extra effort? Do the benefits of living at 7029 outway the detriments?

Janine Riggs

Janine is native to the Triad having lived here for most of her life. She covers Technology News and proudly considers herself a geek/nerd.