Direct To Film Printing from Axiom America for Custom T-Shirt Makers

Direct To Film Printing from Axiom America for Custom T-Shirt Makers

High Point, North Carolina – Established in 2004, Axiom America has been utilizing their expert knowledge and range of quality products to become a nationwide leader in decoration technologies.

Now with three regional offices and shipping hubs spanning the entire United States, they help companies seize the opportunities of tomorrow by providing them with access to unparalleled technical support and manufacturing consulting.

With their high quality direct to film printing for custom t-shirt makers, as well as wide format digital fabric printing, laser cutting solutions, embroidery, and other forms of textile decoration, you are sure to find an effective solution for your growing or established company at Axiom America.

A New Printing Method

Superior to the old method of Direct to Garment printing, Direct To Film Printing offers significantly more benefits and can add prints onto nearly any type of fabric.

The new process involves printing to a special transfer film then heat transferring the printed film onto textiles or solid substrate with an integrated lightweight powder adhesive.

This ensures that your print has a brilliant high contrast color, clean sharp edges, and details, as well as being machine washable and flexible, which is ideal for custom t-shirt makers to be confident that they will produce a long-lasting high-quality product for their customers.

With no cutting or weeding needed, direct to film printing means that there is less waste compared to other printing methods and it allows companies to run both small and large capacity orders.

Additionally, if you are using direct to film printing on popular or repeat items then you can always load up on prints and store the film without having to worry about the space or substrate cost of a pre-printed clothing line.

The process itself allows for the printed film to be easily cut apart to later press onto a variety of items and used for future garment prints.

The Direct to Film Process

The direct to film printing method has an easy to follow five step process that allows you to create a high quality and color rich print on a range of different materials.

The process is:

  1. Artwork

First you need to design or import your chosen artwork into your favorite graphics program.

  1. RIP

The RIP software will create the white mask which goes on top of your color ink areas.

  1. Print

This step will print your artwork onto film by initially printing the color before backing it with white which makes it ready for the next part of the method.

  1. Coat

Powdered adhesive is distributed over the surface, dusted off, and melted onto the printed film.

  1. Press

When you are ready, heat press the film onto your textile, then peel back the empty film sheet. You will then have your beautiful, custom print ready to display in store and be enjoyed by your customers.

Axiom America offers both 14 inch and 24 inch printers that include an operation ready PC, design and RIPs software, as well as a variety of inks and installation.

They also have a selection of supplies and equipment available, such as powder adhesives, ink, and transfer films.

More information

To find out more about Axiom America and their direct to film printing method, laser cutting solutions, and other forms of textile decoration, or to see a full list of their high quality products and accessories, please visit their website at

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