Local SEO Bootcamp to Share How To Rank Your Business Quicker

Local SEO Bootcamp to Share How To Rank Your Business Quicker

We Spend Less Time Getting

Local Clients Ranking

On Page One Than You Do!


So, what if we spent an entire day working with you on one of YOUR sites?

You earn the income you deserve when you learn how to get results quicker. And that’s part of where the idea for a Bootcamp began . . .




Local Is Easy, And Hard

Local rankings come down to three things that get screwed up often.


First, Optimize The Website

Second, Establish Local Presence

Third, Power Everything Up With Links


So We Decided To Do A Local Ranking Bootcamp

When you come to the Bootcamp, Terry and I will work directly with you . . .


I forgot to tell you about my partner in crime, Terry Power.

Terry is an SEO badass! He got his Webmaster Certification in 1994. Those were the EARLY days of the web when things like TCP protocols, bulletin boards, and UNIX commands made the web work. He built and ranked websites back then. Now he is a speaker at underground SEO conferences and runs a large mastermind dedicated to helping other SEOs.

And he’s a tester! 😉 That is where we became friends.

In the Bootcamp we will show you what we do, why, and how we do it in four modules. In each module, we will “present” for about 30 minutes and then spend 90 minutes helping you implement what we do.

Awesome, right? Actual results by attending!


Page Optimization Strategy

✅ We will start this BEFORE the Bootcamp. You will get access to a custom optimization report from a method not even on the market yet.

✅ We will cover additional optimizations during the Bootcamp.


Expand Local Presence

✅ We will demonstrate two step-by-step methods for expanding your local presence. Then your clients will rank over a broader area.


Tactical Link Building

✅ We will show you the first links we build and then help you create them.


Takeover Like A Boss

✅ Then to finish things off, we will show you how to dominate page one. I don’t mean rank #1. I mean, DOMINATE page one. For one of his affiliate products, Terry took SEVEN SPOTS on page one. He owned 70% of page one knocking off several authority sites . . . including the US government! (I told you that Terry is a badass! 😎

With multiple page one rankings, all roads lead to you. And you can do this in local too. Once you get this, you’ll understand how to apply it better than most


Joe Batiste

Joe hails from central Ohio, where he covered Education and Neighborhood news for the Columbus Dispatch. Joe has two teen daughters and enjoys the independent music scene in Greensboro.