Memorial Day Weekend Boat Rentals at Nearby Lakes

Memorial Day Weekend Boat Rentals at Nearby Lakes

Take the party on the water with a pontoon rental.

Rent a pontoon boat for a leisurely cruising experience. A pontoon, also known as a “party barge,” is a great option for a larger group to cruise the water, have a picnic, and enjoy quality time spent together. Pontoons have a wide, stable deck with a lot of space and railings, making it the perfect boat for entertaining a family. A sunny day paired with beautiful scenery and good company makes for the perfect day on the water. A pontoon boat rental is the perfect venue.

Contact All American Boat Rental to rent your next pontoon. They rent at High Rock Lake, Jordan Lake, Belews Lake and Lake Norman!

Experiencing the water has never been easier.

Things to consider for your boat rental so that you get the most out of your trip.

Ask about the sound system and if it is Bluetooth compatible. The right playlist can elevate your pontoon trip to the next level from normal to awesome.

Are you looking to have some snacks or a meal on the boat? Of course you are, so make sure to ask about coolers, BBQs, or any other amenities you need to feed your group.

Make sure you have the right size boat for your group. Our boats are ideal for 10-12 people.


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